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Moderen Rustic

A couple from the Twin Cities area in Minnesota began planning a new home with help from design firm Tays & Co Design Studios and architect Collin Jacobs. Designer Laura Tays helped the couple finish the home in a way that met both their style preferences. “She leans more modern and he likes really rustic,” Tays says. “It was about finding a design that made them both happy.”

In the kitchen, this meant a mix of reclaimed wood, stone, handmade tile and living finishes that would change over time. 

 Providing a nice view is a coffered ceiling crafted of reclaimed wood. The gridded lines also bring a modern touch to the rustic ceiling, a nice compromise between the couple’s differing tastes. At the edge of the kitchen, Tays designed a bar that’s convenient to the great room, the kitchen and the sun porch. This was part of a zoned layout strategy.

The wall behind the bar is stone veneer, which helps it stand out and connects it to the sun porch beyond. “Stone veneer products offer a wide color selection, and I wanted to keep it light and creamy,” Tays says.

All the cabinetry was custom crafted by Alpine Cabinetry. All the metalwork, including the straps on the floating shelves and the bronze on the vent hood, was crafted by Jeff Kreitz of Creative Steel Work.

She used a beautiful hand-painted terra-cotta tile from Tabarka Studio on the backsplash. “You can customize the colors of this tile. We matched it to the cabinet paint color,” Tays says. “The pantry was a great place to splurge on an expensive tile because I only needed a small amount of it.” Tays covered the walls in the rest of the kitchen with another handmade tile. 

The vent hood is custom with a plaster finish. The metal detail is bronze, a living finish that will change over time.  The cabinet hardware is also bronze. This was another way to lend a sense of age to the new home. Cooking utensils live in pretty canisters, and they leave out the attractive wooden cutting boards they use daily. They also opted for open shelves to store their everyday china and glassware.

Another zone in the layout is this coffee area, tucked under windows with a lake view. The homeowners liked Tays’ idea to keep their coffeemaker out and their mugs displayed on a cute wall rack. It makes it easy to get up and grab a cup first thing in the morning.

Simple opal glass pendant light shades and leather counter stools add some modern touches to the kitchen. With white marble countertops around the perimeter of the kitchen, Tays added contrast by using soapstone on the island. Simple silhouettes of the cabinet pulls are versatile in style, suiting both the husband and the wife.

Next on the couple’s list is remodeling the house next door for their growing expanded family and replacing a two-car garage across the street with a shared family bar.

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