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ecko360’s 3D camera manufacturer, Matterport, has partnered with Google to now bring Matterport 3D Virtual Tours to Google Street View. Thanks to a recent API released from Google, online viewers will now be able to explore local business’ by taking an immersive 3D Tour within Google Maps or Google Search. Businesses are able to bring customers through their virtual doors 24/7 with this new feature.

There are so many benefits of enhancing your Google Business Listing. Google is like the popular girl in high school; we all want her to like us. Reach millions, attract new clients, and drive more traffic from Google to your business website. Reap the search benefits of interactive 3D and boost your visibility by building a strong presence on Google.

Check out Blackened Brew in 3D within Google Maps:

Google Street View Statistics:

  • Virtual Tours Help Double Interest in Business Listings
  • Businesses with a virtual tour are twice as likely to have customers interested in booking a reservation there. Among 18-34 year olds in particular, prospects are 130% more likely to book based on a virtual tour.
  • Two Out of Three people Want More Virtual Tours 67% of people want more business listings to have virtual tours.
  • Google is #1 for Local Search
  • When searching for restaurants and hotels online, 62% of people use Google. Matterport’s solution gives you everything you need to market your business online & attract more customers.

Source: Google Street View Quantitative Research Study

ecko360 and Matterport offers the most tech forward online experience for your brand and company. To have an online presence is key to a successful business today. The addition to Google Street View is one of many ways ecko360 can bring your business above the competition. We offer Professional Video Production, as well as Commercial Photography. We can put together a content kit for you to share throughout all outlets.

Contact us to schedule.

If you want to explore more, here are a few more companies that have gone 3D with ecko360. Simply click and drag the “Google Maps Man” in the lower right corner into a building that you want to explore virtually.

Cate Street Seafood Station
Gnarly Barley
Levitate Float Center
Berrytown Corner Cafe

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