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How To Handle Remodeling Mistakes

  10.05.2021   Gabrielle   Business, Design, News   No comments

One of the worst feelings is walking into a freshly remodeled property and it has the wrong paint color or the tile pattern is not what your client thought it

Things NOT To Do When Following Up On Leads

  3.05.2021   Gabrielle   Design, News   No comments

There are many do’s and do not’s when it comes to following up on your leads. Below are some of the most common mistakes that agents or realtors make when

Ways to Improve Your Project Management Skills

  12.04.2021   Gabrielle   Business, Design, News   No comments

Creative Processes to Follow & Client Expectations There are two sides to the designing and landscaping business. The creative aesthetic side that involves colors, patterns, and how materials are used

Sophisticated & Stylish Dining Room Inspiration

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Over the past year, we unfortunately had to kiss our fancy dinner parties goodbye and say hello to more intimate casual dining. However, a return to at-home dinner parties might

2021’s Most Popular Home Office Tips

  5.04.2021   Gabrielle   Design, News   No comments

An office space has always been a top priority for many home owners. Especially for many people now, working from home has become to the new norm. Making these spaces

Easy & Affordable Updates to Enhance Your Yard

  31.03.2021   Gabrielle   Design, News   No comments

It’s time to spruce up your yard for Spring! After this “icey” winter we had here in the Bayou state, I’m sure some of your backyards are in need of

Fresh Cabin Charm Kitchen Inspiration

  29.03.2021   Gabrielle   Design, News   No comments

Moderen Rustic A couple from the Twin Cities area in Minnesota began planning a new home with help from design firm Tays & Co Design Studios and architect Collin Jacobs.

Living Room Trends with Stylish Seating

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For a living room to be livable, you need plenty of seating options to accommodate family members, friends, or house guests. But the last thing you want is a space

How To: Prevent Disagreements with Your Clients

  22.03.2021   Gabrielle   Business, News   No comments

In a dream world, clients would be nothing but patient throughout the process of finding their perfect home or living space.  But the fact is that homeowners often find remodeling

Before & After: Outdoor Kitchens & Side Yards

  19.03.2021   Gabrielle   Design, News   No comments

When considering how to make the most of your outdoor space, don’t overlook the side yard. They may lack the views of the front or backyards, but side yards can