Get in the know...

Join us each Friday at 10:00 AM as we Host / Moderate the regions first Virtual Open House. Come network and sell houses with the King of Content. We set the stage for our clients to pitch their properties virtually. The traditional Open House is dead. No more buying food and waiting hours only to be disappointed with the turn out. Each Virtual Open House is streemed to our facebook page live and recorded so it can be sent out to our client mailing list.

How do I participate?

We are so glad you asked. Simply click the link below or watch live from our facebook page. It’s that easy.

Does my property qualify?

Unfortunately we only have so many presentation slots available each week. This means we have to carefully select which properties are presented. With this in mind we have decided to feature listings that have the most content. This allows guests of the virtual open house the most immersive experience possible. The featured property’s listing page will be sent out to attendees and our mailing list so that they can easily share a listing they virtually visited. To qualify for presentation the listing must have Photos and showcase Video or Matterport. We will be focused on a variety of listings and not just luxury.

Still have questions? Call today! (985) 662-3600 or email [email protected]